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Dakota Alano Saved My Life

"After spending a year struggling with my sobriety, I found the Little White House. It was there I found men and women just like me. I attend three or four meetings a week, and have a cell phone filled with a hundred people I can call when I need help. I no longer struggle to stay sober, but rather I am working to become the Son, the Dad and the Man I have always wanted to become." 

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What to Expect at Your First Meeting

When you come to a meeting for the first time, you can expect to meet many nice people who will happily welcome you. Let them know this is your first meeting and they will happily help you get started. When the meeting starts, everyone will introduce themselves and there will be some readings and announcements.  Being new, a small group will take you into a side room and have a "First Step" meeting with you to explain the AA program in more detail and share with you a bit about when they joined the program.  You will be free to ask questions and share, but you are not required to.

Monthly Potluck

On the first Saturday of every month, the 6 PM "There is a Solution" Beginner's Meeting will hold a potluck before the meeting.  The potluck starts at 5 and the meeting begins at 6.  If you're able, please bring a dish to share.  If not, come down anyways! 


Responsibility Declaration


"I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.  And for that: I am responsible."


Attention Squad Leaders

Please check out our Squad Leaders News page.  We'll keep this up to date with reminders and messages for you to relay to your group.  Thank you for your service work!!


Find A Meeting Today

We have meetings 7 days a week; check out the schedule to find one today!
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